Michelle Bachelet - agnostic, socialist, divorced, single mother of three children by different fathers, medical PhD, fluent in Spanish, English, German, Portuguese and French, President of Chile and former Chilean Defense Minister.

Yuriko Koike - divorced, former Defense Minister of Japan, creator of "Cool Biz Campaign", fluent in Arabic, candidate for Prime Minister of Japan following Fukuda's resignation.
"I have received the enthusiastic support of my colleagues. In order to break through the deadlock facing Japanese society, I believe the country might as well have a female candidate. Hillary used the word 'glass ceiling' ... but in Japan, it isn't glass, it's an iron plate. I'm not Mrs Thatcher, but what is needed is a strategy that advances a cause with conviction, clear policies and sympathy with the people."

London Con't

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New Romain Kremer! Yay!

HOTTT! what a genius!

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